Reason for the project: The rescue of people from fall endangered areas, e.g. confined spaces, cranes, cliffs, cable cars, etc. is a special challenge for the fire service and the ambulance services. To provide the best possible help for victims it would be necessary that the rescuers are multi-skilled both in rope rescue techniques and in medical emergency response. Due to the general task of the fire service on one hand and the ambulance service (EMS) on the other hand the necessary multi-skills are very often not provided by the standard training program of these organizations due to the national organization of theses services.

Main aims and objectives: The project is aiming at enhancing the material developed in the Leonardo project E-rescue (LU/03/B/P/PP156000) by adding special information about triage (health status of victims) and medical treatment under emergency conditions. The didactical concept and material of the previous project will be applied to the sector of ambulance services and/or medical doctors which do not have own specific training programs for rope rescue. The proposed training package will raise the efficiency of rope rescue teams in saving human lives.

Characteristics of the partnership: The partnership provides special experience of medical doctors/emergency medical response service on one side and special rescue teams on the other side. Both types of partners will benefit from the special knowledge of the other partners.

Outcomes of the project: Curriculum for training in medical emergency response of rope rescue teams; Curriculum for training of medical response teams in fall protection; DVD as didactical/learning material.

Impact envisaged: Rescue for victims in fall endangered areas will be more efficient because the necessary medical treatment in remote locations can provided by trained responders on the spot.

Duration: 2,25 years beginning November 2010